If not now, when?


Love love love this quote. 

As a kid growing up I was the typical girl watching princess movies and accepting the ideal that my prince would come and save me from some terrible fate.

Guess what, the only terrible fate I encountered was adulthood. .. I don’t think anyone can avoid that fate. ..

Reality set in, I got a job that paid the bills and I became an adult.  Not much to avoid there. 

Big problem- I hated my job! It was not fun, I was sitting on my butt all day draining energy and gaining weight. 

I had to make a change!  If I wasn’t willing to save myself,  who else would be?  If I didn’t make a change right then,  when would I?

I joined a 7 day clean eating and shakeology challenge group.  It was GREAT!  I was being held accountable for my food intake,  I was drinking this awesome shake every morning that was keeping me full for hours without feeling bloated or sick (if you have tried other shake products you know what I am talking about). And I was working out- sick as it sounds,  it was FUN!

The 7 days passed and I was feeling great,  but I was out of shakes! That’s when I really felt how much of a change the shakes had made.  I went back to being exhausted and hungry before noon… that’s when I knew that I wanted to stick with Shakeology and that if I had this amazing experience,  my friends and family would want to try it too… I knew that I had to be a coach. After all, everyone around me was already telling me that I should be a leader.. so I went for it and I am not going back.

My number one goal is my own personal happiness.  Next is helping others reach their goals and find their happiness too.

My questions for you are:
If you don’t plan on making a change,  who do you think is going to do it for you?

If you are not doing it now, then when?  When will it EVER be the right time?

No one can control your happiness except you. It’s up to you- make it happen!

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